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Somerset, and particularly the Isle of Avalon area, has a long and ancient association with archery.  The Meare Heath Bow was found in peat working in 1961 and has been dated to approximately 2700BC in the Middle Neolithic period.  Our club was formed in 2013 and is representative of the continued interest in Archery in recent years.

The Avalon Archery Club, based in Street, Somerset, is a small friendly club that is looking to grow.  We welcome anyone who is interested in archery from age 9 upwards regardless of ability and level of expertise. 

Junior Archers under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times unless special arrangements have been agreed with the Club.
The club can provide:-

  • Beginners' Courses for those new to archery. For insurance and safety reasons completion of such a course is compulsory for membership of the Club. Courses are held throughout the year and due to covid restrictions over the last 18 months there is a waiting list. Please contact the Club Secretary via, or the information page for details of availability and cost.
  • Taster sessions – for those wanting to try archery and see if it is a sport for them. Click ‘Have a Go’ for more information.
  • Expert Coaching – currently we have one level 1 coach and one level 2 coach within our membership.  They lead our Beginners Courses and Taster Sessions, and provide ongoing guidance and advice to club members.

The club was formed in October 2013 and currently shoots Target Archery all year round with all types of bows allowed other than crossbows.

When do we meet?

During the winter months we meet in the Strode College Sports Hall on Tuesday evenings between 6.00 and 8.00pm. In the Summer months we meet on the Strode College Sports Field on Tuesday evenings ( 6.00 -8.00pm) and all year round we meet on the Sports Field on Saturday mornings between 10.30am and 12.30pm.


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